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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Product inquiry
Precautions and how to use a coated frying pan for a long time.
    A :

    When using it for the first time, rinse it in lukewarm water and dry it well, then add a small amount of oil before using it.

    Do not heat for a long time without food.

    Use less than medium heat.

    Do not use sharp metal cookware.

    • Do not use a knife directly in a frying pan.

    • Do not store acidic foods for long periods of time.

    • Do not put it in cold water when it is hot right after use.

    Dip burnt or stuck food in warm water and wipe.

    Do not use rough scrubbers or abrasives when cleaning.

    Wipe with a neutral detergent and a soft cloth when washing.

    Do not use a special detergent (enriched detergent, etc.) when using a dishwasher.

Product inquiry
After cooking, there is a rainbow colored stain on the bottom of the pot.
    A :

    Causes: Heat stains from oxidation are caused by stainless steel materials such as chromium, nickel, and steel, which undergo chemical reactions with oxygen in the air.

    It happens when stainless steel is heated to a high temperature in the air. The oxidation layer is very thin and does not affect the function of the pot at all.

    Workaround: Fill a pot with about two thirds of the water, add vinegar, lemon juice, citric acid and baking soda to boil together, then wipe off the stain.

    Also, if you use vinegar to cook food in a pot, the rainbow color stain may disappear after cooking.

    If you clean it with a stainless steel-only polish, you can manage it more cleanly.

Product inquiry
There is a white spot in the pot.
    A :

    Causes : White spots are caused by coagulation of minerals such as calcium or sodium contained in tap water or ingredients.

    It's a very natural phenomenon that occurs in stainless steel cookers.

    It can be seen when there is water, but sometimes when the water dries up.

    Workaround : Add baking soda + vinegar or citric acid + water and bring to a boil.
    Afterwards, don't throw it away immediately, cool it down, then wipe the pot well.

Product inquiry
The food stuck to the inside and bottom of the pot.
    A :

    Workaround : When the heat remains after cooking, gently rub with a soft sponge to wipe off the stick.

    Apply a stainless steel cleaner on the sponge and wipe off any stains or heavy press. 

    Caution : If the pot is cooled urgently, it may deform. Cool it down slowly and wash it off.

    Cook over medium heat because food sticks to the pot if cooked over high heat.

    Also, be careful because the pot will stick even if the size of the pot is larger than the amount.

How do I get the points?
    A :

    • When purchasing a product

    ⇢ Points accumulated : Signature Club Products - 10% accumulated.
    (Except General Products)

    ⇢ Conditions of use of reserves : Minimum order amount of $13.5 or more.

    Earn points after 14 days after delivery of products.

    However, you will not get points for orders made using reserves.

    • Sign up for new membership

    ⇢ Earn $4.5 immediately after signing up.

    • When creating a review

     Text review - points $ 0.8

    ⇢ Photo review - points $ 1.65

    ⇢ Best review - 1st : points $ 16.5

                                    2nd : points $ 8.0 

                                    3rd : points $ 4.0

    However, insincere reviews (copy, paste, alien language, etc.)

    Reviews unrelated to the product are not accumulated and can be deleted.

Order/Delivery inquiry
I'd like to exchange and return the product.
    A :

    • Cancellation, exchange, or return of the product is not possible after shipping. Order carefully.

Order/Delivery inquiry
I ordered it but I want to cancel it.
    A :

    • Cancellation of the order is only possible while preparing the product. It can't be canceled when preparing for delivery.

    • Order carefully. If you start preparing for delivery, it can be sent even if you request a cancellation.

    • How to cancel an order by yourself(Before Shipping)

    (Login > Click 'Order' at the top right of the shopping mall > Click 'Cancel')

Order/Delivery inquiry
How much is the shipping fee?
    A :

    • The shipping cost depends on the weight, volume, and region of the product, so please pay for it yourself when you receive it.

Order/Delivery inquiry
I ordered it. How do I proceed with the delivery?
    A :

    • If you don't pay within 7 days of placing an order, the order will be canceled.

    • Orders paid before 12 pm in Korea time will be sent within 2 days.

    It will take 5 to 8 days to deliver after shipment.

    (Delivery date may vary depending on the situation.)

    If the product can't be shipped, we'll give you a separate call.

    (Enter the phone number and email you can contact when ordering the product.)

Order/Delivery inquiry
How can I deposit money from overseas to Korea?
    A :

    Bank : Industrial Bank of Korea
    Swift code (Bic code) : IBKOKRSE
    Depositor : MIRAE TRADING
    Account : 22908101001018
    Phone number : 032-327-1856

    After purchasing the product, please send me the product amount plus the remittance fee from overseas.

     (Fee: KRW 10,000 per case)

    • Customer Service number when inquiring about Industrial Bank of Korea


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